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Memory Drawings / There Is No Perfect Place

There is No Perfect Place” is the second full length album from Anglo-American chamber-folk outfit Memory Drawings. Led by the beguiling hammered dulcimer of Morocco-based American Joel Hanson, ‘There Is No Perfect Place’ features Richard Adams (Hood/The Declining Winter) and Sarah Kemp (Lanterns on the Lake) on guitars and violin respectively. The album showcases a wide palette of sounds delving into Talk Talk atmospherics (‘There is A World Without You’) uplifting ethnic tinged pop (‘Then and Now’), kraut driven experiments (‘The Island of The Day Before’) alongside Basinski – style piano pieces (‘In the House at Midnight”) and glistening examples of the kind of Badalamenti influenced instrumentals that littered their debut album ‘Music For Another Loss’ (Second Language, 2012).

The album was recorded with Leeds based engineer Ross Halden and in Richard Adams home studio in York with guest spots from Florence Fawcett (Glissando), Gareth S Brown (Hood) and Canadian multi-instrumentalist Chris Tenz. The first 200 copies of the album comes with a bonus CD containing remixes by The Sly and Unseen, Benoit Pioulard, William Ryan Fritch, Pausal, A New Line (Related), and Talvihorros.

Released August 18th 2014 / Purchase

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Glen Johnson / Same Sex

Glen Johnson is the founder and only surviving original member of the London-based ‘ghost rock’ group, Piano Magic, whose eclectic oeuvre, since its formation in 1996, has included collusions with Vashti Bunyan, John Grant, Low and Tarwater amongst full-blown post-rock, isolationist electronica and pastoral psych-folk.
His debut solo album, ‘Details Not Recorded,’ (Make Mine Music, 2009) and accompanying tape-only release, ‘Institutionalised’ (Secret Furry Hole, 2009) pitted the hiss and steam of David Lynch’s ‘Eraserhead’ soundtrack against a pastoral, introspective neu-folk. ‘Same Sex’ continues Johnson’s utilisation of a unique dark ambient sonic palette to create pop songs for the next decade and precedes a brand new album, out later this year on Second Language. Johnson plays his first ever solo shows supporting Robin Saville and Oliver Cherer at :

Cafe Oto, London – 29th August 2014
Electric Palace Cinema, Hastings – 30th August 2014

Hibernate postcard series no 32 released 11th July 2014


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Melodium / Phoebe

Melodium is a moniker of Laurent Girard, an electronica producer from France associated with an array of independent labels. Girard made his recording debut in 1999 with the 7″ single Rhythmi on the label Static Caravan. On Phoebe Girard assemblies two hypnotic long-form pieces from a rich assortment of acoustic instruments and field recordings.

His new album Taramae has just been released on the Abandoned Buildings label.

Hibernate postcard series no 31 released 11th July 2014


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Olan Mill & Keung Mandelbrot / Seismology

Seismology sees the soaring romanticism of Olan Mill combined with the mind-bending noise of Keung Mandelbrot. Between them they have graced labels such as Highpoint Lowlife, Preservation, Facture and Serein and shared a stage with the likes of Svarte Greiner, Kemper Norton, Simon Scott and Isan. In his solo work, Keung Mandelbrot focuses on experiments in guitar manipulation, using effects pedals and samplers to create intense soundscapes that take the listener from immersive drones to twitchy static. Olan Mill is well known for his expansive take on modern classical and incorporates strings, woodwind, piano and vocals alongside his processed guitar.

Despite having been friends for years, the pair had never previously collaborated but one weekend they decided to plug in and play. The result is a visceral album that effortlessly combines the styles of these two disparate yet complimentary musicians, moving swiftly from enveloping textural drones to broken fragments of noise and intense rhythmic pulses. Recorded using guitars and numerous effects pedals, many of the tracks are left relatively untouched from the improvised sessions which lends the album a refreshing spontaneity.

The title, Seismology, reflects the extreme spectrum of sound explored in the album, from physical lows to shill highs suggesting the idea of sound as a physical force. The album artwork was taken from Holger Lippmann’s ‘Circle’ series. Each image has an organic quality that alludes their generated inception. There’s a real chaos which is gently refined over closer observation – something we hope people find in the music.

Released June 6th 2014 on CD with the first 100 copies including a bonus disc.


Artwork by Holger Lippmann

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David Newlyn / Disintegrating Suburban Dream

With his solo project, David Newlyn has been creating atmospheric, textural music since 2007. Known to Hibernate fans for a collaborative EP with Yellow6 back in 2011 he has also had numerous works released on labels such as Cotton Goods, Time Released Sound, Tokyo Droning and Flaming Pines.

Based just outside Durham city, David combines electronics with guitars, keyboards and fretless bass to create hazy melancholic pieces. His latest album, ‘Disintegrating Suburban Dream’ sees David’s love of exploring and photographing derelict or abandoned places translated into a series of twelve impressionistic studies that focus on time and place. Alongside the markedly more acoustic instrumentation than his previous work lie spur of the moment field recordings made simply on a phone or camera, making a feature of the hiss and grit generated by these recordings.

A celebration of dereliction, David Newlyn’s latest work succeeds in drawing the listener through its crumbling corridors as distant, decaying melodies act as a backdrop to ghostly chatter through a layer of fog.

Released 28th March 2014 on limited edition CD


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Isnaj Dui / Secondary Projections

‘Secondary Projections’ was written and recorded during January 2014 after being given some recordings of a super 8 projector by Hibernate boss Jonathan Lees. These recordings, some left untouched, others cut up to form rhythmic patterns, formed the basis of the piece. Acoustic instruments were then added to create three distinct ‘sections’.

Hibernate postcard series no 29 released 14th March 2014


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Olan Mill / Land Cycle

Olan Mill is the recording project of UK composer and producer Alex Smalley, also one half of the duo Pausal. For his postcard ep, Alex wanted to put together some recordings that contained less emphasis on post production, Land Cycle is made up of live takes, demos and samples barely touched from their inception. The songs were recorded at various points over the last 10 years and collated January 2014.

Hibernate postcard series no 30 released 14th March 2014


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Ashlar / St James’ Gardens

Ashlar is the collaborative project of Wil Bolton and Phil Edwards. Although Wil is from Essex and now living in London, he lived in Liverpool for several years, during which time he met and began working with Phil, who lived nearby. Wil Bolton is no stranger to hibernate having released two albums, Time Lapse in 2010 and Under A Name That Hides Her in 2012, as well the postcard ep Silver in 2012. In addition Wil has recorded for Home Normal, Time Released Sound, Rural Colours and Cathedral Transmissions. For his solo outings, Phil Edwards records under the PJE guise and has releases on Cathedral Transmissions, U-Cover and Twisted Tree Line. Together as Ashlar they’ve recorded one other album, Saturday Drones which came out on Time Released Sound back in 2012.

Recorded over several Saturday afternoon sessions, the duo’s second album, St James’ Gardens, began with and was inspired by field recordings made in and around the Liverpool park of the same name. This long, narrow park and cemetery nestles below ground level behind Liverpool Cathedral. Although the tracks are largely improvised, the rough sketches created by the collection of field recordings were later worked on in Wil’s nearby studio using a combination of hardware and software. The duo processed acoustic and electric guitars, electric piano and analogue synthesizer using guitar pedals, loopers and laptop to create an atmospheric collection of tracks which change the everyday sounds of a city park into something new.

Released 14th February 2014 on limited edition CD


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Antonymes / There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay

This October we’re celebrating our 50th (hb50) catalogue release with an album from Ian M Hazeldine who records under the alias Antonymes. Hailing from Hawarden, a small village in North Wales, whose most famous inhabitant was William Ewart Gladstone, Hazeldine creates atmospheric melodies, using various pianos, celesta, strings, church organ and field recordings, and has had releases on Soundcolours, Cathedral Transmissions, Hidden Shoal, Time Released Sound and Rural Colours.

With a long standing interest in music making and active listening, Hazeldine works with any influences, from his surrounding landscape to the artists he has worked with. His compositions often take on a semi-improvised structure with accidental atmospheres used as a starting point. As well as his own projects, Hazeldine also works with Marconi Union’s Richard Talbot, under the name Prospector. He also works as a graphic designer, film maker and photographer, having art directed many of the Hibernate releases including our critically acclaimed vinyl series, and has worked with many other artists and labels including Facture, Field Rotation and Olan Mill.

In late 2009 Antonymes released ‘Beauty Becomes the Enemy of the Future’ on Cathedral Transmissions of which the CD is now unavailable. Since then he has revisited the album, which has culminated a new release, ‘There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay’. Hazeldine’s own reworkings are intertwined with those of friends Ian Hawgood, Isnaj Dui, Offthesky, Field Rotation, Wil Bolton, Spheruleus and James Banbury to create an album of captivating melancholy and beauty. The guest reworkings venture into other, darker territories, where one might be harder pressed to identify the original material.

Released 28th October 2013 on limited edition CD.


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Simon Bainton / Visiting Tides

Conceived as an organic expression of wide open spaces inspired by coastal visits, “Visiting Tides” is the debut album from British musician Simon Bainton. Previously, Simon contributed “Sun Settlings” to our postcard series, although he is perhaps better known as one half of the duo Pausal – who have released on the likes of Barge Recordings, Students Of Decay and Highpoint Lowlife. His work with Pausal has seen him share the stage with artists such as Grouper, Mountains, Stars of the Lid, Chihei Hatakeyama and Greg Haines.

The album draws from an entirely acoustic palette of instruments including piano, acoustic guitar, voice, harmonica, flute, wind chimes and also features the unmistakable cello of Danny Norbury. These are bound together by an array of sampled vinyl records, field recordings and answer phone messages, all processed and arranged on laptop.

The two sides of the resulting album can almost be seen as ‘night’ and ‘day’, with the first half setting a calming yet slightly sombre tone and the second adopting a warmer and more ecstatic feel. The seven pieces are all named after different coastal areas that have inspired Simon, each one blending seamlessly into the next to provide a continuous listening environment which you can truly sink into.

Released August 2013, a limited edition LP release of 150.