HB16 : Marta Mist: Distance/Skeletal/Union

Limited edition 3" CDr of 100 copies. Artwork and Photography by Marta Mist.

Release Date: June TBA

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This three part longform track is the debut release from Leeds based artists Marta Mist. It starts out as an immersive drone-based
soundscape designed to lull the listener into a meditative state,
before gradually giving way to an unfurling section of modern
classical instrument manipulations. 'Distance-Skeletal-Union'
certainly doesn't stand still for its twenty-four minute duration - it
is absolutely full of surprises, revealing layer upon layer of
beautifully textured sound. The listening environment intensifies
whilst remaining thoroughly compelling. It is interesting to listen to
how Marta Mist draws influences from both the drone scene and the
modern classical genre and manages to blend these together so

Mastered by Jannick Schou.