HB15: Warmth Terminal: Getting Closer

Limited edition CD of 200 copies.

Packaged in a custom sleeve. Will also be available as a digital download.

Release Date: June 28th 2010

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Warmth Terminal is the artist pseudonym of British ambient artist David Lancaster. For his debut release he has crafted 45 minutes of soundscapes spanning 4 tracks. Each of these pieces are mid-length, delicately woven drone compositions. Upon listening however, it will become obvious that whilst structurally similar, each track is completely different in terms of tone and melody. From the atmospheric, nostalgic opening track "On That Day" to "They Sat Down and sighed happily" which fuses mellow drones with a constant accompanying field recording. The album continues with a blend of warm drones, accent synths and dreamy chords with "It's All Around Us" and "See in Slow Motion".

Mastered by Ian Hawgood

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