HB12: Haruki : The Land That Lies Behind Us

Limited edition 3" CDr of 100 copies.
Packaged in a custom sleeve and handmade envelope. Also available as a digital download.

Released March 2010.

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<a href="http://haruki9.bandcamp.com/album/the-land-that-lies-behind-us">The Quiet Side Of A Square by Haruki</a>

Haruki is the pseudonym of composer/sonic artist Boris Snauwaert from Ghent, Belgium, who creates sonic environments through the precise, meditated amalgamation of a diverse variety of sounds, both musical and non-musical. In any given track Haruki combines any or all sound sources; field recordings, acoustic instruments, acoustic noises, found samples, sampled instruments and so on. Throughout production of the EP, musicality has remained of quintessence to Haruki; the continuous ebb and flow of textures and timbres throughout, the production and evolution of harmony through the treatment of seemingly unrelated sounds and, in places, rhythm becoming much more of a dominant musical element. There are moments of great depth, and contrasting sparse moments; variation between busy polyphony and contrasting single lines, all executed in a faultless manner.

The tracks on "The Land That Lies Behind Us" work together as a whole picture, or individually as glimpses of the dark, eerie atmosphere that Haruki has striven to create.

(Hannah Spencer)


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