We Like Ambient (Curated by Tegh)

We recently asked Tegh to choose 10 of his favourite tracks from the Hibernate back catalog to celebrate his upcoming album release Through The Winter Woods with Kamyar Tavakoli and here it is for free / pay as much as you like download. We Like Ambient, curated by Tegh with Spheruleus, Jasper TX, Field Rotation, Ian Hawgood, Clem Leek, Talvihorros, Antonymes, Wil Bolton and Konntinent. It’ll be online for a short time so please enjoy, share, love, like, tweet et al…. thanks!

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Federico Durand / Música para Manuel

Federico Durand is a sound artist from Argentina. Since his debut album on Spekk (La siesta del ciprés) in 2010, he has been constantly releasing beautiful albums on labels such as Home Normal, Dauw, Own Records, Desire Path and White Paddy Mountain. Federico’s work includes lots of field recordings mixed in with guitar, piano, tape loops and many other organic sources.

Música para Manuel was originally made for cassette and sold out during Federico’s tour of Japan in 2014. The tape was limited to just two tracks but for us Federico has extended it into a full length and added 3 new tracks. The album is dedicated to Manuel Mellado, Federico’s grandfather who lost both his parents as a child and was, and still is, a very important presence in Federico’s life.

Mastered by Wil Bolton, art direction by Ian M Hazeldine.

Released March 2015, digipak CD edition of 200 / Pre-Order (ships around 13th March)

Tegh and Kamyar Tavakoli / Through the Winter Woods

Due out this March, the ep ‘Through the Winter Woods’ from Tegh and Kamyar Tavakoli. Both based in Tehran, this collaborative project sees the duo using processed guitars, synths and field recordings to create densely textured pieces inspired by their urban surroundings.

Both solo artists in their own right, the duo also work together under the name Artirial but were looking to branch out and try something a bit different for this EP. Having gathered various field recordings they began experimenting with new approaches to shaping sounds and textures, resulting in a diverse collection of pieces. The final product was mastered by Lawrence English at Room 40 headquarters.

Released March 2015, handmade 3″ CDr edition of 60 / Pre-Order (ships around 13th March)

Danny Clay / Ganymede

“Ganymede” is the latest full length album from Ohio based composer Danny Clay. Having seen past releases on labels such as Eilean Records, Rural Colours, Heat Death and Audio Gourmet, each release has been very different but with each there is a theme where his music takes ordinary objects, sounds and ideas and re-purposes them in new, weird and wonderful ways.

With that in mind, “Ganymede” consists of almost exclusively sounds produced by turntables, utilizing found objects, friction sounds, and lathe-cut records of sine-waves, piano, and music box. Many of these sounds have been further amplified by turntable preparations such as plastic cups with needles, combs, etc. and baby monitors.

“Ganymede” was created entirely from the opening bars of a Schubert art song, “Ganymed,” based on a text by Goethe. In the poem, the speaker becomes profoundly allured by the beauty of God as manifested in the emergence of spring. For Danny, Schubert’s Ganymed sits at a strange intersection between innocence and loss, childhood and maturity, the beautiful and the sinister. So infatuated he was, that he began looking for ways to prolong the beginning music of “Ganymed” indefinitely. The notion of a kind of slow, patient, inescapable seduction though sound was of enormous interest to him, made all the more fascinating by the ominously complex undertone of Ganymed’s abduction in other versions of the Greek myth.

This is the kernel from which this album began – a simple melody washing against the ear gently, insistently, pulling one’s thoughts and desires into deeper, darker mental chambers, drifting quietly into eternity.

Releases 13 February 2015, digipak CD edition of 100 / digital download.
Mastered by Fraser McGowan

Pre-order here

Memory Drawings / Captivated EP

Memory Drawings is the project of Minneapolis hammered dulcimer player Joel Hanson, Hood co-founder Richard Adams and former Lanterns on the Lake violinist Sarah Kemp. Their second album “There Is No Perfect Place” (Hibernate) has garnered plentiful critical praise and the band has gained a larger audience via repeated plays on Gideon Coe’s show on BBC 6.

This follow-up EP to their album “Their Is No Perfect Place” contains a radio edit of the standout track “The Island of the Day Before”, a shimmering, driving, dulcimer-led, kraut-influenced pop gem with sweeping strings and the melodic instincts of early-80’s New Order bubbling up towards the end. The EP highlight, however, is the mysterious, previously-unreleased title track “Captivated.” With Yvonne Bruner’s Liz Fraser-style vocals floating above an infectious, dulcimer-driven melody, the result is something akin to a collaboration between Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins.

Released: 01/12/2014 / Download only via iTunes, Amazon, Napster and eMusic

Postcards 35 and 36

Out 1st December two new postcards. Postcard 35 is from Ghost & Tape aka Heine Christensen, a self-taught guitarist and sound engineer based in Barcelona, Spain. On Poble Nou, field recordings, textures and processed acoustic guitar playing present an ep of peaceful and pastoral acoustic electronica of a distinctly warm and ultra-immersive kind.

Postcard 36 is from The Inventors of Aircraft aka Phil Tomsett. A year ago Phil moved to the countryside after living the whole of his adult life in cities. Unsure of what he was looking for, inspiration perhaps or just a different experience. Maybe he was trying to draw on that classic tradition of finding answers in the natural landscape and this ep (and a series of accompanying photos) is both a physical and philosophical document of the first year in his new environment- particularly all those journeys across fields, in complete darkness finding his way by torchlight.

Both numbered and limited to 100 copies.

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Postcards 33 and 34

Out 31st October two new postcards. Postcard 33 is from Porya Hatami an experimental sound artist based in Sanandaj, Iran. His compositions explore the balance between electronics and environmental sounds utilizing processed acoustic and electronic sources and field recordings. ‘Daydreamer’ uses recordings of farmyards and the sea along with electronic instrumentation to create an atmospheric composition of gently drifting tones and bubbling textures.

Postcard 34 is from Hybernation aka Stuart Bowditch who’s music is inspired by location and everyday life. Using site specific recordings to create rhythmic, melodic pieces to create something both abstract and accessible, Hybernation’s work crosses the boundaries of straightforward field recordings and electronica. A continuation of sorts from his Rural Colours release ‘Metal Studies’, ‘The Old Waterworks’ is comprised of several pieces, each using only one sound source to create jittery beats and thudding bass lines, all taken from everyday objects.

Both numbered and limited to 100 copies.

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Memory Drawings / There Is No Perfect Place

There is No Perfect Place” is the second full length album from Anglo-American chamber-folk outfit Memory Drawings. Led by the beguiling hammered dulcimer of Morocco-based American Joel Hanson, ‘There Is No Perfect Place’ features Richard Adams (Hood/The Declining Winter) and Sarah Kemp (Lanterns on the Lake) on guitars and violin respectively. The album showcases a wide palette of sounds delving into Talk Talk atmospherics (‘There is A World Without You’) uplifting ethnic tinged pop (‘Then and Now’), kraut driven experiments (‘The Island of The Day Before’) alongside Basinski – style piano pieces (‘In the House at Midnight”) and glistening examples of the kind of Badalamenti influenced instrumentals that littered their debut album ‘Music For Another Loss’ (Second Language, 2012).

The album was recorded with Leeds based engineer Ross Halden and in Richard Adams home studio in York with guest spots from Florence Fawcett (Glissando), Gareth S Brown (Hood) and Canadian multi-instrumentalist Chris Tenz. The first 200 copies of the album comes with a bonus CD containing remixes by The Sly and Unseen, Benoit Pioulard, William Ryan Fritch, Pausal, A New Line (Related), and Talvihorros.

Released August 18th 2014

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Glen Johnson / Same Sex

Glen Johnson is the founder and only surviving original member of the London-based ‘ghost rock’ group, Piano Magic, whose eclectic oeuvre, since its formation in 1996, has included collusions with Vashti Bunyan, John Grant, Low and Tarwater amongst full-blown post-rock, isolationist electronica and pastoral psych-folk.
His debut solo album, ‘Details Not Recorded,’ (Make Mine Music, 2009) and accompanying tape-only release, ‘Institutionalised’ (Secret Furry Hole, 2009) pitted the hiss and steam of David Lynch’s ‘Eraserhead’ soundtrack against a pastoral, introspective neu-folk. ‘Same Sex’ continues Johnson’s utilisation of a unique dark ambient sonic palette to create pop songs for the next decade and precedes a brand new album, out later this year on Second Language. Johnson plays his first ever solo shows supporting Robin Saville and Oliver Cherer at :

Cafe Oto, London – 29th August 2014
Electric Palace Cinema, Hastings – 30th August 2014

Hibernate postcard series no 32 released 11th July 2014

Olan Mill & Keung Mandelbrot / Seismology

Seismology sees the soaring romanticism of Olan Mill combined with the mind-bending noise of Keung Mandelbrot. Between them they have graced labels such as Highpoint Lowlife, Preservation, Facture and Serein and shared a stage with the likes of Svarte Greiner, Kemper Norton, Simon Scott and Isan. In his solo work, Keung Mandelbrot focuses on experiments in guitar manipulation, using effects pedals and samplers to create intense soundscapes that take the listener from immersive drones to twitchy static. Olan Mill is well known for his expansive take on modern classical and incorporates strings, woodwind, piano and vocals alongside his processed guitar.

Despite having been friends for years, the pair had never previously collaborated but one weekend they decided to plug in and play. The result is a visceral album that effortlessly combines the styles of these two disparate yet complimentary musicians, moving swiftly from enveloping textural drones to broken fragments of noise and intense rhythmic pulses. Recorded using guitars and numerous effects pedals, many of the tracks are left relatively untouched from the improvised sessions which lends the album a refreshing spontaneity.

The title, Seismology, reflects the extreme spectrum of sound explored in the album, from physical lows to shill highs suggesting the idea of sound as a physical force. The album artwork was taken from Holger Lippmann’s ‘Circle’ series. Each image has an organic quality that alludes their generated inception. There’s a real chaos which is gently refined over closer observation – something we hope people find in the music.

Released June 6th 2014 on CD with the first 100 copies including a bonus disc.


Artwork by Holger Lippmann www.e-art.co